About us

BEAR is a studio of wood professionals specializing in exotic hardwoods from Asia, with a particular focus on old-growth, recycled teak as well as premium quality plantation teak logs.  Our primary sourcing and manufacturing operations extend across the islands of Java and Bali, Indonesia.  Our heritage reclaimed material is sourced from antique and traditional dwellings, post-industrial workspace and obsolete infrastructure.  Our logs are hand-selected from well-managed plantation lots in Java.  As an industry expert, BEAR sources only the finest of what’s around, striving to exceed all expectations for format, volume and quality.    

BEAR offers a variety of services ranging from custom orders of raw wood material, to milled architectural wood products, to antique craft and fine-finished furniture utilizing local tradition and workmanship.  BEAR is a cottage industry, a local workshop, a creative design space, and a manufacturer of wonderful wood products. BEAR brings natural quality from faraway places to the marketplace.  BEAR is a member of the modern global business community integrating mindfulness, cultural awareness, ecological sensitivity, and customer service into the core of its operations.  BEAR wants to do good work, and BEAR wants you to be happy.

BEAR is headquartered in the Southern Hemisphere along the Indonesian archipelago with sourcing, milling and manufacturing operations extending across the islands of Java and Bali.  Financial and retail operations are located in the Northern Hemisphere in the cities of Hong Kong and San Francisco.